Help us – Make a Donation

If you wish to support the Community of the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, you may make your donation to the “Fondation des Monastères” (Foundation of Monasteries), either :

  • by sending your donation by post to the address noted below. Please write on the back of the cheque “POUR LES PETITES SOEURS DISCIPLES DE L’AGNEAU”,

Fondation des Monastères
14, rue Brunel
75017 PARIS

Once on the site, follow the detailed instructions below :

1 – Sélect the amount of your donation

2 – Tick : “I want to allocate my donation to a monastic community

3 – Search “LE BLANC” to facilitate the search for PETITES SOEURS DISCIPLES DE L’AGNEAU(36300 LE BLANC)

4 – Register your contact details and proceed to the payment

The “Fondation des Monastères” Foundation of Monasteries systematically delivers a tax receipt.

You will receive a tax rebate of 66 % of your donation in the limits of 20 % of your net taxable income.

The “Fondation des Monastères” (Foundation of Monasteries) is a publicly recognized foundation for the benefit of those in need. As such it is authorised to receive donations which can be deducted from tax (IR “impôts sur le revenu or income tax & ISF “impôts sur la fortune” or wealth tax), for its support to charity work carried out by members of religious and monastic communities of all christian denominations.

5% of the amount of your donation will be transferred to the Solidarity Fund for Monasteries to help other communities in difficulty.