“The little sisters follow the Lamb wherever He goes” Apocalypse, 14, 4

Little Sisters Disciples 
of the Lamb

Little Sisters
able and Down’s syndrome affected

The same unique religious community

We should love the weak and the poor because Jesus may be disguised as a pauper.” 
Mother Theresa

A commmunity united…


Our life of contemplation at the service of the Little Sisters, regulated and disciplined by prayer and manual activites has been modelled and nourished by the wisdom of our patron saints : Saint Theresa of the infant Jesus and Saint Benoit.


In our eyes and to echo the first words of Saint Jean Paul II, it is to risk saying « Be not afraid » to a world where each man fears another, afraid of the inherent fragility of his nature and his condition, such as handicap and illness.


The offices, the adoration and the prayer of the rosary adapt themselves to the rhythm and capacities of our sisters.

How to help us

There exists several ways in which you can aid the Community of Little Sisters, Disciples of the Lamb. 

The activities of the community


The community has many wooden looms. Each sister has the possibility of creating various items : carpets, scarves, material, textile objects etc…


A pottery workshop has also been created on the site that houses the community. The Little Sisters, design and make various ceramic objects : pots, vases, crosses…

Cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants

The community possesses a park with aromatic and medicinal plants. The Little Sisters also help with the maintenance of the park. Production of herbal teas and soon skin balm!

The Priory

The Little Sisters reside in a priory with its own private chapel, situated in an extensive private park.  There is the capacity to welcome young women, wishing to  dedicate their life to Christ, via the aid to their fellow Sisters affected by Down’s Syndrome, during their period of determination of their religious vocation.