The priory of the community of the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb is situated in the department of Indre on the hills of the small town of Le Blanc. The Little Sisters reside in the priory with its own private chapel surrounded by extensive private parkland.

They can welcome here amongst them, young women wishing to devote their lives to Christ via aid to their sisters affected by Down’s syndrome, during their period of determination of their vocation,

The Property

The priory is situated in the heart of extensive private luxuriant wooded parkland which lends itself appropriately to calm and prayer. The property is surrounded by majestic century old trees and small woods. The park with its central prairie and surrounding woodland is constantly visible from the priory buildings. Some areas of the parkland are used to cultivate the vegetable and medicinal plant gardens.

The Chapel

Our chapel was built in 2010 : the little sisters prayed extensively that the chapel may be built ! The first stone was laid 8th December 2010.  

The two bells were blessed on the very same day. The bells were engraved with the names of the first Little Sisters to enter the community : Sister Veronica & Sister Marie-Ange. 

Improvement Projects :

An hermitage for visiting priests, wishing to do a retreat, is under construction. In this way the priests can discover our priory and help spread the word of our religious family.

The renovaton of the priory courtyard is also underway. .